Friday, 4 February 2011


So, I've been writing this piece of music over the last couple of days and I'm a little worried that what started out as an experiment of orchestral proportions has turned into a really quite awesome track.. there wasn't gonna be lyrics but I'm gonna write some generic shit to put to it, here's a clip but it's unmixed & not mastered, so do what you will :)

Looks pretty good in that player huh! :) pleased with that..
lemme know what you think before i do something stupid like this,

If anyone's got any clue as to why I did this can you please let me know;)

We're back in the studio tomorrow with BenjiOneLung recording a short E.P which should be fun as Ben & I got together to purposefully write a song in 30mins and whatever we had at the end was gonna be final, we'll record that tomorrow too.. I'll post the results soon :) hopefully with some pictures of us doing it.

Check it out!! this is the best advert in my home town at the moment, shocker.

Oh I almost forgot i get to try out the Ashdown 'Little Bastard' Bass Amp tomorrow too. Hell yeah!

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